Su Wu Herbs is proud to carry Legendary Herbs® Brand 5:1 granule extracts. Our granules are produced under very strict pharmaceutical GMP guidelines by the world’s largest supplier of medical granules, Tianjiang Pharmaceutical.

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Tianjiang Pharmaceutical is a global leader in producing granule extracts. Tianjiang was the first Chinese company to produce granules and it has remained the leader in the field in both quality and safety. Tianjiang supplies over 300 large Chinese hospitals and its products are used by over 30 million patients worldwide.

  • Pharmaceutical grade manufacturing ensures a consistent, safe, and effective granule.
  • Advanced testing for heavy metals, microbes, and pesticides.
  • Verified by independent FDA laboratories.
  • Produced with no added fillers or starches.
  • Unique, patented extraction technology preserves delicate constituents and volatile oils.
  • The most extensive selection of medicinals with traditional processing (pao zhi) in the industry. A true Chinese granule produced in strict accordance with traditional Chinese methods.

A Partner You Can Trust
Our reputation has been built on reliability and thoroughness. We employ single-use mixing tubs and trays, high quality HDPE bottles with polyester labels, and food grade 4mil refill pouches. The ordering process is simple, with reasonable shipping rates and no handling fees. Su Wu Herbs offers significant savings without the restrictions you find with larger companies.

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