I have been working with Su Wu Herbs since 2009 and they have consistently provided exceptional service to meet the needs of my patients. Justin sources his herbs from the highest quality available on the market and provides them in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. As a physician of Chinese medicine I appreciate this greatly as it allows me to focus on the care of my patients and know I always have a reliable source of the highest quality medicines available through Su Wu Herbs. I highly recommend them to any practitioner looking to provide Chinese herbal medicines to their patients.

Justin Ehrlich, L.Ac.
Justin Ehrlich L.Ac.

As a licensed Acupuncturist practicing in the San Diego area, I have been using Su Wu Herbs as my primary pharmacy since 2008. This pharmacy supplies more than 90% of my Chinese herbal needs for both my Mission Valley and Solana Beach offices. The increased compliance and greater effectiveness of this company’s product has allowed for excellent medical results for my patients. Furthermore, as a practitioner in north Sand Diego County, there are no Chinese herbal pharmacies and my patients have very few other options in herbal medicine. Su Wu Herbs supplies a superior product, provides a fast availability for prescriptions and conducts business in a professional manner.

Brian Downum, M.S., L.Ac.

White Raven Studio Acupuncture

Justin Penoyer at Su Wu Herbs has been of great help to my practice. I have been very happy with the convenience of having custom granule formulas, ready made for my patients at a good price. The formulas always smell fresh and potent, and dissolve beautifully in water. Better yet, Justin is always happy to answer any questions that I have had about herb combinations and formulations.

Dr. Pier Paulo, D.A.O.M L.Ac.

I have been using Su Wu Herbs for my patients and my family, and I am especially grateful for Justin’s attention and commitment to his customers. He is a great resource to have, both as an herbalist and as a provider for my custom prescriptions. Justin’s been a pleasure to work with, and it’s easy for me to recommend Su Wu Herbs’ prescription service—it’s simple to use, delivered to my door, and better priced than the company I used prior. If you’re a practitioner using herbs in SoCal you should check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Deb Davies, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M.
Deb Davies Acupuncture

I have been using Su Wu Herb’s for my custom granule prescriptions for almost ten years and have been very happy with the consistency and service. Ordering is easy, the prescriptions are usually ready the next day, and Justin is a great resource if I need assistance with my formulations. Su Wu Herbs’ location (which has free parking, a big plus) is quite conveniently located right in the middle of San Diego, and my patients have easy access to pickup their prescriptions. Definitely recommended for practitioners who want to go local and get a better price for their prescription compounding.

Dr. Tiffany Elbogen, DACM, L.Ac.
The AcuClinic

I am the owner and chief practitioner of Evolution Acupuncture, a private Chinese medical clinic in San Diego, CA. I have been working with Justin’s company for years and have nothing but high regards for his service, quality, consistency, and integrity. Herbal medicine is an integral part of my practice and having the highest quality products is of the utmost importance to me. Su Wu herbs help to ensure that my patients receive the best herbal medicine available, at an affordable price.

Equally crucial to product quality is service and this is where Justin excels. Products are prepared in a very timely fashion and delivered to the door of my clinic in a fraction of the time it would take from any other company I have used (and I have tried several). This is essential because often the herbs are for the treatment of an acute condition which requires immediate medication. The only way I could maintain this level of service is if I stocked a full herbal pharmacy myself, which I prefer not to do. Justin has even delivered herbal medicine directly to the door of my patients in severe acute cases. This level of service and philanthropic integrity is absolutely priceless. I highly encourage other colleagues to use Su Wu herbs for their practices as well, and will continue to do so.

Jared Andersen, M.S., L.Ac.
Evolution Acupuncture

If you are a Chinese Medicine Practitioner looking for custom herbal formulas, look no further than Su Wu Herbs. Justin is a true Herbal Guru. He will work with you to design a custom formula over the phone, order special and hard-to-find herbs (i.e. herbs for Celiac DX) and he uses only the highest quality herbs available. His prices and turn-around time are both amazing! I know I can count on Justin and appreciate his expertise.

Tina Howard, L.Ac.
Hummingbird Acupuncture

I have been working with Su Wu herbs since June 2009 and have been more than pleased by the quality of their products and their customer service. As a new business, building a pharmacy and offering quality prescriptions has been a major part of our services. Su Wu Herbs has been able to support us in that direction. A big plus that Su Wu Herbs offers in the quality. Chinese herbal products have a tendency to be very unpleasant to taste, and this is the most common problem we encounter with our patients’ consistency in taking their herbs. However, since switching to Su Wu Herbs our patients have reported that their herbs were enjoyable to drink when compared to the previous herbs they tried from companies such as Kan and Evergreen. This increase in compliance has benefited both our patients’ health and our profitability.

Guillaume Vincent, L.Ac.
Soul emBody Acupuncture & Herbology

Su Wu Herbs supplies all of my herbal pharmacy stock. I am very grateful for such a potent and palatable product. I refer other practitioners to Su Wu Herbs knowing they will get paramount customer service and accurate information. It is this kind of quality and commitment that our medicine needs to move forward.

Susan Jeffries, M.S., L.Ac.
As Designed Wellness

I’ve been prescribing Su Wu Herbs to my patients with increasing frequency. Often, one of my patients will call me with an immediate concern and want relief as soon as possible. On numerous occasions, Su Wu has been able to help my patient with their prescription within a couple of hours of me placing the order. This caliber of service not only improves the results that I am able to achieve as a practitioner, but increases my patient retention. In addition to the convenience and quality of his service, Justin Penoyer is an excellent resource for herbal questions.

When I’m trying to make a decision on dosages or herbal modifications, I’ll often ask him before making a final decision on my prescription. I trust and value his herbal advice. Finally, I know that Su Wu Herbs sources their products from who I’m confident is the best manufacturer of granular herbs in the world. I feel very confident that my patients cannot get a better source for their herbal medicine than Su Wu Herbs.

Jacob Potts, M.S., LAc, HHP
Life Gate Health Acupuncture

Here at NTC we have an active herbal component to our practice, and Su Wu Herbs has been providing our custom granule prescriptions for several years now. We have been very pleased with the ease and professional consistency, the location is convenient, and we’re happy to recommend their services to other practitioners who want an alternative to the standard fare.

James O’Sullivan Darcy, HHP
Nutritional Therapy Center

Justin is professional and courteous, uses the highest quality herbs and always there to assist when I run out of herbs or require a specialty prescription filled. I appreciate having a granule pharmacy in the neighborhood as it is a valuable service for the Chinese medical community in San Diego.

Eti Domb, L.Ac.
Eti Domb Acupuncture

I use Su Wu Herbs for all of my herbal formulas. The thorough knowledge of the staff/owner always helps with any questions I have and makes me feel very confident about the product I am giving to my patients. The accessibility, pick-up and delivery options make it very convenient for my patients as well!

Kellen Pickard, M.S., L.Ac.
Thrive Wellness

I have found Su Wu Herbs to be a convenient and efficient way to offer customized granular formulas to my patients at a very reasonable cost. Orders are always shipped out amazingly fast and arrive to me in Louisiana in just 2 or 3 days. Justin’s personalized service is fantastic, and this is what really makes Su Wu Herbs stand out above the other granular pharmacies. Justin has a great knowledge of herbs and is always willing to offer advice and help fine tune formulas. I trust his advice and also the quality of his product. Most importantly, patient compliance is very high with these herbs and my patients are getting great results.

Ashley Miller, ACA
Magnolia Acupuncture Clinic